Python Exercises with Solutions

Free Coding Exercises for Python Developers

This Python exercise is a FREE course that will help you become more familiar with Python while developing your skills as a Python programmer.

Exercises cover Python Basics to Data analytics and Database.  As of now In the course, I have created 8 exercises that are designed to teach you something different. 

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Python Exercises with Solutions

What included in these Exercises?

Each exercise question contains a specific skill you need to learn.
These Exercises covers Python Basics, Python Database, and Data Analytics

Each Exercise has 10 question.
Practice each Exercise in Code Editor

When you complete each Exercise, you get more familiar with Python

I have added tips and required learning resources for each question, which help you to solve the exercise

Python Basic Exercise

Practice and Quickly learn Python basic skills by solving the simple questions and problems.

Topics: Variables, Loops, String, numbers, List

Python String Exercise

This String exercise project is to help Python developer to learn and practice String manipulations.

Topics: String, List

Python Data Structure Exercise

This exercise is for beginners to understand and practice data structure in Python.

Topics: List, Dictionary, set, and tuple manipulation in Python

Python NumPy Exercise

Practice Numpy skills such as Array manipulations, numeric ranges, Slicing and indexing, Searching, Sorting and splitting.
Mathematical functions, broadcasting and Plotting NumPy arrays, and more.

Python Pandas Exercise

Practice Data Analysis using Python Pandas.

Data-frame, Data selection, group-by, Series, sorting, searching, statistics

Python Matplotlib Exercise

Practice Data data visualization using Matplotlib. Line plot, Style properties, multi-line plot, scatter plot, bar chart, histogram, Pie chart, Subplot, stack plot

Python Random Data Generation Exercise

Practice and Learn the various techniques to generate random numbers and data in Python.

Topics: random module, secrets module

Python Database Exercise

Practice Python database programming skills by solving the questions and problems from the real world step by step.

Use any Database you want to solve the exercise. (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite).

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